The Dirty Truth About Your Water Bottle

Author: Michael Laywlin

London-based PR. Specialising in Lifestyle, Technology & Business.

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We all know the damage that plastic pollution us causing to the world. Every year, the UK, as a nation, uses 7.7 billion plastic bottles, an average of 117 each. This is a vast amount of waste, and many people are now aiming to reduce their impact on the environment by switching to reusable water bottles. 

However, while a reusable water bottle can reduce your plastic consumption, it could also be making you sick. Refilling your bottle, again and again, might be helping to lower the waste you produce, but it could also be causing enough bacteria to make your bottle dirtier than a toilet seat! 

Just how dirty is your water bottle?

The rise of the reusable water bottle is a fantastic initiative, but research has shown that regularly filling these up, without properly cleaning them, leads to an incredible rate of bacteria growth. A study conducted by on bacteria in water bottles found that the average person has nearly 315,000 Colony-Forming Units (CFU) for every square centimetre. 

In comparison, the average pet toy contains less than 3,000 CFU, making your water bottle a hive for potentially harmful bacteria. Many people mistakenly believe that as they are only filling their bottle with water, it cannot be getting that dirty and do not clean it that thoroughly. However, think about how you are using your bottle; from throwing it in your bag to grabbing it during a workout, your bottle undergoes a lot. 

As these CFU grow on the inside of your water bottle, it creates a biofilm of bacteria that continues to build up. While not all of these bacteria will be harmful, research has shown that up to 60% can cause sickness. 

How to clean your bottle 

Simply rinsing your water bottle is not enough. To ensure you are removing all of the harmful bacteria, you need to be thorough washing your bottle every day with warm water and soap. This means scrubbing the interior and exterior, as well as the mouthpiece and all additional components.

To reduce the build-up of germs on the outside, you should also get into the habit of using hand sanitiser before reaching for your bottle. 

Discover a new level of sanitisation 

Are you looking for a new level of sanitisation? Here at Purified Bottle, we believe in giving our customers a new level of purification. We utilise innovative UV LED technology within the lids of our bottles which emits 275nm of light. 

This has been proven to be the optimal wavelength to target and kill bacteria and germs, ensuring you can always enjoy the purest water with every sip. Each bottle offers two methods of sterilisation, Regular, for when you are on the go, and Deep for when you are looking for more thorough clean. 

So if you are looking to live more sustainably and reduce your plastic consumption, while enjoying the purest water possible, shop Purified today.

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