Our Story

Purified is an Irish based sustainable lifestyle brand that officially launched in November 2020.

How it all began

Our Purified team set out to create a product wholly with the end user in mind, addressing and improving upon the issues many consumers had with standard reusable water bottle. We conducted an in depth investigation into the following issues which we felt were prevalent:

It was evident that the above issues we had with reusable water bottles were supported with scientific evidence. One study reported that the average water bottle has nearly 315,000 Colony-Forming Units (CFU) for every square centimetre. In comparison, the average pet toy contains less than 3,000 CFU, making your water bottle a hive for potentially harmful bacteria. After several prototypes, lab testing, consulting with third parties and trial and error, we successfully launched The Purified Bottle in November 2020. The Purified Bottle contains a portable purification system built into the lid that uses highly efficient UV Light emitting 275nm – the optimal wavelength to target and effectively eradicate bacteria. The Purified Bottle has been lab tested showing a 99.99% effective rate of the removal of bacteria from water and the inner surface of the bottle, in turn, leaving the consumer with purified water from a clean bottle. Each bottle offers two methods of sterilisation, Regular, for when you are on the go, and Deep for when you are looking for more thorough clean. Our product has been made to meet specific needs and to fit the user’s lifestyle. The perfect re-usable water bottle whether you are hiking, in the office, exercising and socialising.  Now you know our story, and we hope to know yours. Reach out to us at team@purifiedbottle.co.uk and let us know how we can help you.

Lovely Design Great Functionality. Best Water Bottle I've Ever Had

— Customer Review —

Our commitment to you is a healthier, sustainable way of living.

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